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Αγοράζουμε κοσμήματα δίκης μας κατασκευής ή άλλης τεχνοτροπίας συναδέρφων και συναφή αντικείμενα κοσμηματοποιίας.

Marathianakis jewelry

MARATHIANAKIS House of Jewelry has a long history which begins in 1960, when its creator and founder, Konstantinos, devoted himself to the study of Ancient Greek (Archaic, Minoan, Mycenaean and Macedonian) Jewelry, as well as Byzantine Jewelry. It is precisely the magnificence of Byzantine Jewelry where Konstantinos draws his inspiration from.
For more than half a century, MARATHIANAKIS House of Jewelry has been designing exquisite Jewelry with sensitivity, expertise, top quality, reliability of materials and workmanship.

ΣTo this day, continuing with respect to tradition, all exclusive Jewelry pieces carrying the MARATHIANAKIS signature reflect the fortitude of passion for perfection, the endless creativity and the undeniable timeless value of fine works of art, crafted with gold and precious stones.
Many of these fine pieces of Jewelry have been hosted in Greece and abroad, oikoshave received awards and accolades in State Fairs, and many of them have been offered as goodwill gifts to Heads of State and Presidents, such as the President of the United States, the King of Spain, the Emperor of Japan, as well as Presidents of the European Union.

Exquisite collections and Jewelry sets are owned by a multitude of prominent women around the world, since the brand-name MARATHIANAKIS is synonymous with the true art of Greek Jewelry making.

Marathianakis jewelry

Marathianakis jewelry

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MARATHIANAKIS House of Jewelry has a long history which begins in 1960...

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